Peace mercy and blessings of Allah

Welcome to our company’s official website. It was developed to be a channel of communication with you and to enlighten you with our vision, strategies, business and future plans.

Al Rajhi International for Investment “RAII” is one of the Al Rajhi group of companies. Our core business is to invest and develop agricultural projects and associated projects outside of Saudi Arabia. With over 40 years’ of experience, the Company has succeeded in implementing modern agricultural technology in the development of both the agricultural and economic sectors.

Since the establishment of the Company, we concentrated on selecting countries that have the potential for agricultural investment such as availability of good climate, fertile land and water resources to achieve food security to KSA and surrounding countries, of agricultural products for the current and future generations.

Despite the challenges and high risks of the agricultural sector, the company succeeded in developing vast areas in many countries such as Sudan, Egypt, Ukraine, Poland and KSA. Currently, we are in the process of considering feasibility studies to evaluate the opportunities in a number of other countries.

Under the umbrella of Al Rajhi International for Investment “RAII”, there are a number of Companies specialized in agricultural Infrastructure development, grain and fodder production, farm management services, trading and marketing of agricultural products, seed production and associated logistic and supply chain management as well as projects targeting local communities such as a dates processing plant and a tissue culture laboratory and in the near future a livestock project.

Besides our goal to achieve return on investment in our agricultural investments abroad, we focus on helping local farmers in the host countries to increase their productivity, modernize their agricultural systems and innovate programs for agricultural marketing to achieve food security as well as the competitiveness of local products.

We have many targets to achieve in order to reach our vision and our strategic objectives.


Sheikh/ Suleiman AL Rajhi