Our Journey

  • 2005

    Al Rajhi International Company for Agriculture and Investment (RAIS)

    Since 2005, RAIS is in the process to reclaim 22,000 ha of land in the River Nile for agricultural production. A large pump station has been constructed on the River Nile with 6 km main canal and additional 35 km canals to supply 98 pivots which are under production. An additional 100 pivots will be erected in the near future. The main crops cultivated are alfalfa, wheat and corn.

  • 2006

    Our Investments and development stages (RAII)

    Al Rajhi International for Investment (RAII) was incorporated in 2006 under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi. RAII is a member of Sulaiman Abdulaziz Al Rajhi Holding Company (Al Rajhi Group) which is one of the largest business conglomerates in Saudi Arabia with investments in a diverse range of sectors. RAII was established to invest in agribusiness and allied activities globally. Since incorporation, RAII has focused on building business entities in the agricultural sector in a number of countries in green field projects, acquisition, infrastructure development, farm management services, supply chain logistics and trading in agricultural commodities. RAII is also continuously evaluating new investment opportunities throughout the value chain and to promote diversification as well as technology such as solar and irrigation systems and farming practices to achieve optimum efficiency.

  • 2006

    International Investment Company(LLC)

    International Investment Company (IIC) was Incorporated in 2006 (Ukraine) and is a 100% subsidiary of SGAF. Its head office is in Kiev and the objective is to invest in agribusiness in Ukraine. One of its investments is the shareholding in East Grains LLC which was established to supply grains from Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine

  • 2006

    Al Rajhi International Agricultural Investment (RAIE)

    RAIE which was established in 2006, has been highly successful in achieving food security through land rehabilitation in the TOSHKA region of South Egypt. RAIE has been allocated 45,000 hectares of land as part of the Lake Nasser irrigation project and currently produces wheat, rice, barley and alfalfa. Currently there are 80 pivots under production. Alternative irrigation systems are also being evaluated.

  • 2008

    Saudi Grain & Fodders Holding LLC (SAGF)

    SGAF was incorporated under the laws of Saudi Arabia in 2008 and is a subsidiary of RAII. SGAF has been established to conduct agricultural commodity trading and is the sole importer of barley to Saudi Arabia. It imported 8.9 million tons per in 2014. The bagging and retail distribution of feed barley is done as a standalone business with 30 sales terminals across the Kingdom. SGAF has become a leader in commodity trading in the Middle East and is also prominent in North Africa. Due to the volumes of business, it was able to stabilize barley prices and promote food security within the Region. SGAF has a number of subsidiaries and associate companies in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine. http://www.sgaf.com/sgaf

  • 2009

    Al Rajhi TAQAWI for seed production(TAQAWI)

    Rajhi Taqawi (TAQAWI) was established in 2009 in Egypt and is a subsidiary of RAII. The soil and climatic conditions in Toshka, Kafaa and Al Ghaba require the use of crop seeds which are suitable for production under harsh conditions. The main objective of TAQAWI is to: • Conduct research and development of special corn varieties through seed breeding. • Produce certified grain and fodder seed for own requirements and commercial purposes.

  • 2013

    United Farmers Holding Company (UFHC)

    United Farmers was founded in 2013 in partnership with the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Co. (SALIC) Al Marai Co UF has acquired projects in Ukraine and Poland with a cultivated area of 33,000 hectares and aims to expand to 100,000 hectares in East Europe. Continental Farmers Group (CFG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Farms, the main crops planted by CFG are grape, sugar beet and potatoes.

  • 2015

    Al Rajhi Agricultural Management Services Company (RAMC)

    In order to manage the agricultural farms and projects which are acquired by RAII, a specialized farm management division was formed within RAII. Due to the needs and potential for 3rd party services, the Al Rajhi Agricultural Management Services Company (RAMC) is in the process of incorporation as a subsidiary of RAII. RAMC will therefore be responsible for the production, maintenance and operations on the farms and projects. It has its head office in Riyadh, but the operations are presently at Kafa’a and Al Ghaba in Sudan) and Toshka in Egypt. The services of RAMC will be expanded as infrastructure for irrigation of new areas and farms increases and new areas have been developed.

  • 2015

    Al Rajhi Agricultural Infrastructure Company (RAIC)

    RAIC is an associate company of RAII and was incorporated in 2015 with its head office in Jeddah. RAIC forms an important arm of RAII to provide the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) role in the development of the agricultural projects which have been established by RAII. It is envisioned that RAIC will in future also be able to provide services to 3rd parties. The amalgamation of services which were previously provided by RAII and its partners has led to formation of a well-structured company with established manpower, equipment and competence. RAIC is well positioned to provide agri- and aqua-cultural EPC services.