Our Social Responsibility

Since its incorporation, the RAII company has focused on investments that achieve food security which is one of company’s social responsibilities programs that contributes in meeting the community’s basic needs of food and general development.

The company engages with local communities and contributes toward long-term improvements in the quality of life for these communities, always considering the acceptance and wishes of the local population.

In all its operations the company does not rely on individual personal relations and all transactions are passed through official bodies, whether they are governmental or private bodies such as international law firms, to fulfill the requirements of its investments in accordance with the legal and ethical framework of investment in the host country.

1. Corporate Governance

As an investment company, we implement the highest standard of corporate governance, such as the role of Executive Management, company decision-making mechanism, conflict of interest rules and disclosure, and the recognition of all the rights of all stakeholders. The RAII corporate governance policy and code of business ethics manual both form the backbone of RAII’s governance practices and serve to define and reinforce the core values of RAII as an organization.

2. Human Rights

The company is committed to all local and international systems that regulate human relations in all its dealings and are based on Sharia law. This preserves freedoms, human dignity and the application of justice in the company’s dealings.

3. Development of HR

The company provides accommodation and medical insurance for all employees and their families. The recruitment process is conducted in a fair and transparent manner and the recruitment mechanisms are clearly established to achieve transparency for all applicants. The company runs an annual training program for its staff on developing skills for individual development.

4. Fair Operating Practices

The company is keen to create a fair and competitive environment for all suppliers, especially small suppliers, and considers in their benefit when purchasing supplies at the fair market price.

5. Environmental Protection

The company seeks environmentally friendly industries through the use of modern systems, energy alternatives such as solar cells, and the use of modern technical programs such as “SCADA” in irrigation to maintain water consumption. The solar energy project has been started since 2014 and is currently applied 100% in the Kafa’a project. This project is considered as one of the most environmentally friendly projects in the world.

6. Consumer Protection

We are committed to investing in quality, safety and security in our product as well as selling at the fair price. We strive to abide by the highest standards of transparency and build an excellent reputation based on trust with our customers.

7. Community Participation and Development

The company plays a prominent role in the community of the host country of our investments by helping farmers with harvesting, transportation and purchasing of their crops at fair prices which will help them in the production chain. The company also provides sustainable social responsibility projects such as: Calf fattening project, Dates factory, digging of water channels and wells.

in order to increase management transparency and promote corporate ethics, to conduct the business with all integrity and fairness, facilitate